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Fujian Huaxiang Power Technology Co., Ltd. (its predecessor Quanzhou Huaqiao Storage Battery Co., Ltd.) is one of the earliest factories in China on VRLA battery research, development and manufacture since year 1986. Its brand WEIDA has been well-known with quality around the world.

Our business mainly relates to battery and battery plates, including:

- General AGM battery, deep cycle battery, gel battery, front terminal battery, motorcycle battery, EV battery

- lead calcium plates (Pb-Ca), lead tin plates (Pb-Sn), lead lanthanum plates (Pb-La).

You will find correct and quality battery for your application, UPS, emergency lights, solar system, motorcycle, telecommunication station, electric car etc. Cyclic use or floating use, we have right batteries.

Moreover, we also offer full services on purchasing, exporting and shipping by experienced operation department. Leave us your contact information and requirements, we won’t let you down.

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Address: No.1 Huaxiang Road, Xingtai Development Zone, Changtai, Zhangzhou, Fujian, China, 363900.
E-mail: salesmanager@hxexport.com
Tel: 86 595 221 50 076
Fax: 86 595 221 09 710
Mobile: 86 13599288591

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